Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clang Clang

Today got a tip from Tom that on YouTube there is a piano lession that Daniel Barenboim gives to Lang Lang. I would have loved to see that. Unfortunately it has been pulled down:-/. Well, I guess we will have to wait a bit longer till broadcasters move with the times and put their treasures online.

For now here is some related info from an interview on culturekiosque (INTERVIEW: LANG LANG):
"and one of my great idols is Daniel Barenboim* who has been like a second father to me since we met several years ago. He's not only my mentor, but my great friend. He's got a rare combination of emotion and intellectualism, and his acuteness and intelligence is beyond words. His playing is an inspiration to me. He's so incredibly clear, and working with him was an amazing experience."

But watch this, Jackie Lang playing Kong Fu Prokofiev. I like it: Lang Lang Gone Mad.

But seriously, just as Russian pianists have given a new dimension of passion and temper to German and French/Polish music, it is playful- and lightness that China is going to blend into Western music.

For Balakirev's Islamey there is Gavrilov, but this is also a contender, maybe my favorite Lang Lang interpretation so far: Lang Lang - "Islamey"
Or put in googooeugene's words:
although i'm not a clang clang fan, either, his interpretation of islamey is better than most of his other recordings.

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