Saturday, November 07, 2015

Zurich, Claridenstrasse

(Click here to view larger and on black)

Zurich Claridenstrasse, 2015-10-04, with Sony A7 and Olympus Pen-F 70mm f/2.0.

The Olympus Pen-F lens is designed for half frame 35mm film, that means 18x24 mm2 is used in portrait mode on the 35mm (the 35mm includes the perforations in order to spool the film - therefore its name). Yet the 70mm lens fully fills out the 36x24 mm2 frame (thought here the image is a little bit cropped on the right, and only slightly cropped at the top and the bottom).

The use of this half frame 70mm lens on a full frame digital camera is is very much to my delight, as it is very difficult to find any full frame prime 70mm lenses (and that is also fast). I realised over time that I prefer the 70/75 mm view very much (and for this the Leica Summilux and Summicrons are unfortunately bit out of reach:). As it happens it is just in this range that a real gap between the very popular 50mm lenses and the again specialised portrait 85mm focal length appears.

At this moderate distance and stopped down the lens seems also more than sharp enough (no extra post processing applied besides the slight crop). Still have to see how it works on close up range and fully open.. but that would be in another post.