Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Psychology And Buddhism

Buddhist and Psychological Perspectives on Emotions and Well-Being
Paul Ekman, Richard J. Davidson, Matthieu Ricard, B. Alan Wallace

BTW, Paul Ekman is the authority in interpreting facial expressions and author of the very interesting and practical book Emotions Revealed and Matthieu Ricard wrote the wonderful book Happiness.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Mein Traumjob

Seem's to have a microwave, but I am not so sure about internet:). And I am not sure this will last for much longer.
Deepest Niedersachsen (north of Germany) in the year 2006. Gatekeeper Laumann.
If you ask me, this is located here on google maps (just a small excercise on local history and geography:). Btw, in the video they show the Bauerwiese, the dead alley they talk about is in the opposite direction... Sorry:o).
"... and otherwise, there is not much more, except this post, and this house and the two families over there."

"A car hasn't come by all day. Horse I also haven't seen yet today."

"So, today is Tuesday, Tuesday we have to test signal tools, let's start with the signal horn - OIIIINK!" "And?" "Signal horn is all right."

In moments like these, it's experience that counts.
Also, funny comments in German here.

Thanks to Christoph.