Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gulda Legacy

Body builder pianist plays Prelude & Fugue by Friedrich Gulda.

Gulda sons Rico and Paul playing with Friedrich Gulda student Martha Argerich Mozart's concerto for 3 pianos.
As far as I know Friedrich Gulda never played on stage together with Martha Argerich.
If you want to tune in just a couple of seconds, fast forward to minute 22:36 where Paul interprets his father's Aria.

You might or might not find here the original Friedrich Gulda interpretations of his Prelude & Fugue, Aria (instrumental, solo), For Rico, and For Paul compositions, which are unfortunately not available on CD anymore.

And, nothing todo with Gulda, but because he loved Mozart so much...

Young Martha playing a Chopin scherzo.
Martha having fun with Kissin (I don't recommend listening to it, but I found it funny to watch:).

Finally some really great piano stuff from Google Video: Richter and Bunin (it is really a pitty that Bunin didn't have a great career so far - and I hope that I can hear him live some day).

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