Friday, August 11, 2006

Claudio Arrau

THE ART OF PIANO 14 Claudio Arrau.(continued) - wonderful Beethoven op. 111 (1970)

THE ART OF PIANO 13 Claudio Arrau - skip the first fluff talk (till 01:45). But Arrau talking about the body and vanity is priceless, as is the music.

If there was anyone who knew how to be serious, it was him.

Chopin Balada Nº3 Op 47 Claudio Arrau
He plays Chopin (or Mozart) like Beethoven. But so what, it is too bad he never recorded the Mozart piano concertos. He practiced them so long and hard (and played them all from memory) that he got a hand injury and the whole project got canceled.

Ovation to Maestro Claudio Arrau - at age 80.
Actually he started playing the piano before he could talk and his mother had to fed him at the piano.

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