Monday, July 23, 2012

Nikkor-S 55mm f/1.2

Nikkor-S Kogaku 55mm f/1.2

This is the Nikkon flagship lens from the sixties! Nikon is famous for using the same mount from back then all through til today's DSLRs.

However, the sales person hesitated today to sell me a used Nikon D60 out of fear, it would destroy the electronic contacts inside the camera. Well, I trusted google, that it is one of only four models that can hold this lens without any modification (they are all low end models, as they don't have something that would collide with something in all the other models' hardware - don't ask me what).

So it worked, thought Nikon disabled the light metering functionality (for no reason but to discourage using old manual focus lenses or to sell more high end cameras - ironically it would work using a Canon DSLR with a Nikon adapter!).

So here is a picture with the Nikon lens, the Minolta 35-135mm zoom used for the three photos above, oh, this photo is made with aperture f/4 thought.

But the bigger problem is actually using the lens full open with aperture f/1.2 and getting the focus right. Actually it is difficult to see the final effect without any magnification before making a shot.

Well, I will work on that.

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