Sunday, May 24, 2009

New F200EXR

Thursday was a day off and used it to spent the first day (almost) with the new Fujifilm F200EXR camera. I was lured into this camera because of its new suposedly superior sensor, which should handle low light situations better than any other digital compact camera. Also, as I started to make more and more pictures with my Panasonic (have a look at my first impression back then) in ISO 400 mode to get faster shutter speed even under normal light conditions, I was also interested to use a higher sensitivity for normal light conditions. Now it is to early to confirm that I like this Fujifilm's handling of colors and special light situations better than the Panasonic DMC-TZ5's, but the 28mm wide angle has been an immediate disappointment with quite strong barrel distortions. After all in comparison it looks like the Panasonic's Leitz (Leica) lens is quite special! Same can be said to my old Kodak's Schneider Kreuzach lens!

Anyway, here are a few first shots from Lucerne on 2009-05-22.

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